Freelance technical translator Mireille Cabuay

Mireille Cabuay,
freelance technical translator

Cabuay Translations provides translation services from English and German to French for small and medium enterprises in the industry and new technology sectors.

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Technical Translations

Technical material is at the heart of your company, whether it is for communicating to your employees, your client, your buyers or the user of your products and services. Therefore, mastering the industry-specific terminology, translating with accuracy and understanding your context is crucial. I translate technical documents according to these considerations in collaboration with you.


Machine Translation Post-Editing

Machine translation Post-Editing consists in editing the translation done by a machine of a text from one language into another in order to get a translated version understandable by the target audience (light post-editing) or of human quality (full post-editing). Post-Editing is suitable to certain types of documents and industries.

Corporate Subtitling

Video is widely used in companies both internally and externally for communicating, training and promoting. I focus on corporate and skill development contents (i.e. company presentation, product demonstration and e-learning).


Localization consists in making your product or service more suitable for the market you want to reach. In adapting your website or your application to cultural or language-specific context, you will be able to speak to your audience accordingly.

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Intercultural consulting

Whether you work with foreigners in your own country, or you work abroad and you are the foreigner, you need to adapt. To boost your adaptation, enjoy your assignment and improve your daily work in multicultural teams, you need to understand the background of the people around you. Intercultural consulting will give you keys to open doors and make your life in that kind of environment more enjoyable.

Professional and global

I’m a French living in South of France. I traveled and worked in various countries in Europe and always in intercultural environments. I built my professional experience in small institutions for tourism and a global leading group in IT before creating my own consulting business in translation and intercultural management.

I am a proud member of the professional French association for translators (Société française des traducteurs – SFT).

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Areas of expertise

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Paper Packaging

Industrial automation


Information Technology

Vacuum handling

Sustainable Energy


Mireille is dedicated and very organized. She has excellent technical knowledge and ensures regular follow-up, meets deadlines and delivers top quality translations. She asks the right questions, makes sure to understand the context and is a true partner for internal and external communication.

Natasja Devos

Translator & Mentor

We’d like to thank Mireille for the work she’s done for our key manufacturing client during this month. It’s our new client so we cared a lot about the quality of the translation, and Mireille coped with the task very well. Content was very technical and industry-specific, she made it consistent throughout the large product description document. We appreciate her dedication and proactivity.

Maša Marković

Project coordinator

Mireille Cabuay offers a great quality of service. Her expertise brings a deep understanding to the request of the customer and the time of delivery was extremely quick. Mireille is very demanding in her requirements. I highly recommend collaborating with Mireille for your translation requirements. She knows the right questions to ask, clarifies content and provides a well-adapted translation while offering a friendly and professional exchange.

Julie Romano

Production Manager

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