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Mireille Cabuay

My name is Mireille Cabuay. I am both an entrepreneur in translation (from English and German to French) and an intercultural consultant, namely for the Philippines. I am based in the South of France, in Toulouse, famous for hosting Airbus headquarters and French rugby team.

I worked in a global IT company for the last 10 years managing projects for various leading manufacturing companies both in the Philippines and in France. My focus was on quality management (ISO, ITIL, Lean and agility). I have a deep understanding of operations and technical support related to the supply chain.
Based on that background I specialized in technologies and manufacturing to support the plants and SMEs involved in the industry 4.0.

I’ve always been passionate about languages and other cultures. I spent two years in Germany – as an au-pair and for my Bachelor’s degree. I hold a master’s degree in Tourism and Hotel management. I started my career promoting the travel destination France in Europe. Later, I moved to the Philippines and took the opportunity to change careers. I worked there for 5 years in the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector for various key accounts (Total, AB-InBev, American Express…) with SAP teams. Back to France, I mainly worked on Airbus IT projects.

In short, I am




Interested in
manufacturing challenges



Passionate about
languages and cultures


& professional

As a member of the professional French association for translators, I follow the best practices and refer to ISO standards for the translation sector. I keep learning and training by reading specialized press, visiting industrial show, or researching for my translations. I was certified as a technical translator in 2021. Do you have questions? Do you have a translation project? Contact me!